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Morgan Freeman Defends His Cannabis Use With An Epic Response


“Never give up the ganja.” Those are the words Morgan Freeman famously said in a 2003 interview with The Guardian. That was the moment when the world learned that one of Hollywood’s most notable actors had a strong stance towards marijuana. The Daily Beast met with Morgan Freeman recently. They were supposed to ...

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The Next Stage of American Cannabis Policy

cannabis policy

This past Election Day there were nine ballot initiatives relating to cannabis — eight passed. A remarkable feat and, in any other year, banner headline news. But in an election that was dominated by personalities rather than issues, the marijuana initiatives often got lost in the cacophony. Mr. Trump, with his creative ...

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Cannabis And Coconut Oil – Miraculous Gifts of Nature

Coconut Oil

Cannabis And Coconut Oil – Miraculous Gifts of Nature Modern medicine has no solution for terminal lung cancer. However, cancer patients who can obtain cannabis oil know that there is hope. Unfortunately, many countries don’t allow the usage of medical marijuana. On the other hand, some places understand the importance ...

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