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Life-changer: Amazing Secrets To Halve Your Daily Calorie Intake Now Published

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The path that leads to a healthy and slim body definitely means sacrificing some calories, but not all. Saving calories on foods that you do not need, are not nutritionally valuable and enter them only out of habit. Chips replace the dried fruit, sweetened drinks scented teas, and instead of the huge pie eating chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa.

For starters, take a weekly food diary. Every time you eat something, write it – how long have you ate, what type of food, how did you feel after that (still hungry / tired / happy, etc.). Most people are not aware of the amount of food which in itself is entered, as long as it does not put on paper.

The ideal diet for women

In an ideal world – women only eat when they are hungry. They have obsessive tendencies towards food. The diet consists of 15-20% protein, 20-30% fat (of which more than 10% saturated fat), 45-60% are vegetables, fruit and whole grains, with small amounts of white starch like pasta and sugar . But let’s get serious. These women are a rare species. So if you do not answer all of the above characteristics, do not worry. There are many women who feel guilty when they eat “bad” foods (ice cream, chocolate …), but the self-punishing exercise doubling or skipping dinner.

System 80:20.

The famous American nutritionist and dietician and head of Domar Center for the health of mind and body in Hollywood, Alice Domar, which is famous did show Oparh Winfrey where often hosted, suggests women who want to reduce daily caloric intake, to try to develop the so-called. “System 80:20.” The strategy is – if 80% of what you eat real fruits, vegetables, protein from lean meat and whole grains, while the remaining 20% can be free food you really want, says Domar. In other words, because of a candy bar or cakes do not have to feel guilty. This is one of those 20%.

Go step by step

1.Try to make only one change in their eating habits during the week. The idea is that this change goes in steps, little by little, so that drop painlessly as possible. Example: if you use a cream for coffee, once a week, switch to whole milk; second week – use milk with 2% fat; third week – 1% fat, and the fourth week – lean.

2. To increase grain in their diet, instead of white bread, choose whole-wheat bread, brown bread and wholegrain cereal grains. The diet insert muesli . Also, switch to a high-fat meat on that lower fat and try to use as many white meat (turkey, chicken).

3. Addicted to ice cream, recommended to eat sorbet and low fat yogurt. And if you can, instead of fruity ice cream try to choose usually fruit. An alternative to sweets are dried fruits and nuts.

4. Reduce the intake of soft drinks, sweetened juices, and alcohol, and increase the consumption of water and unsweetened tea.

5. Reduce fats and oils, and get used to the use of olive oil which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Eat vegetables as a side dish – cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, egg-plant, peas, celery … Every vegetable is better than pasta, potatoes or rice.

7. Put some exercise into your daily activities – walking, running, aerobics, tennis, swimming … And another thing – using smaller plates. They also mean smaller food intake in the body.

Do not forget that the most important for a healthy diet, which can be very easy to achieve if you start from small steps. At the end of these small steps become larger. There is no need for constant calculation and counting how many calories you take into your body because it is already the smallest changes can make big things related to your metabolism and nutrition.


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