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Holistic doctor shot to death at organic restaurant

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A holistic Doctor has been murdered in a Memorial Day killing.

Christopher Bayley King, 49, was shot as he was dining at organic farm to table restaurant Bramble & Hare in a bizzare case.

A nam named Louis Joseph Sebastian approached Dr King, and they conversed outside before Christopher was brutally murdered by a gunshot.

Certain clamms were made as to an argument that happened between the two men inside the restaurant, however this has been debunked by representatives from Bramble & Hare.

Investigators are still trying to determine the relationship between the two men, as it is assumed they did not know each other.

Guest Gary Reevessaid  Sebastian that night commented on how he made them uncomfortable by talking about his relationship with ‘The mob’.

Other diners said that Sebastian said that men “needed to be macho and aggressive to win over the attention and affection of women”.

The case becomes even more bizarre when it was discovered King was invited to the dinner ‘by accident’ due to a mix-up with a man of the same name.

Other murders of holistic Doctors have been reported in the recent past.


Watch the video below for more facts of this strange case…

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