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What Happens If You Drink A Glass Of Red Wine Before Bed

red wine

If you drink red wine on occasion, you’ll definitely want to know this. It turns out there are a lot of amazing red wine health benefits, but one you may not be aware of is… weight loss! How Red Wine Can Help You Lose Weight A number of different studies ...

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Gluten Free Rice Replacement to Treat Celiac Disease


Gluten Free Rice Replacement to Treat Celiac Disease: Konjac Shirataki is a miracle noodle, providing an alternative to both rice and pasta with only five calories per serving, and it can be a gluten free rice replacement to treat Celiac Disease. Of Japanese origin, this noodle provides a product that ...

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The Terrifying New Virus That Is Spreading Rapidly, Heading To The US, And Has No Cure


Up to 200 million Americans live in areas that could be impacted by the Zika virus, and the head of the World Health Organization said Thursday that the virus is “spreading explosively” in the Americas. Regions in the US that could be impacted include the South, Midwest, the Gulf Coast ...

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What Happens to your Body When You Start Eating Ginger Every Day!


The amazing healing benefits of ‪Ginger. Ginger is a plant that was originally found in China but has now spread worldwide. The plants’ root is commonly used as a spice. Most may associate ginger with sweet delicacies such as a chilled ginger ale drink, delicate ginger biscuits or gingerbread. In ...

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Refined Sugar vs. Saturated Fat: What’s More Likely To Cause Coronary Heart Disease?


Refined Sugar vs. Saturated Fat: With coronary heart disease (CHD) killing more than 370,000 people every year in the United States, a team of researchers from Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute and Albert Einstein College of Medicine were interested in seeing what’s worse for the heart — saturated fats or refined ...

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10 Industrial Uses for Coke Which Prove It’s Not Fit for Human Consumption + (Video)


There is even a claim that you can purchase a Coke easier and find it less expensive than to access clean water. The worldwide recognized the most valuable brand in history and the most used phrase after“hello“is Coca Cola. Even though Coke advertises itself as an environmental friendly and sociably ...

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Here’s What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Too Much Salt


Salt does more than just make your food taste more delicious—it’s important for your body to function properly. Sodium, one of the key ingredients in table salt, regulates blood flow and pressure, and helps transmit messages between nerves and muscle fibers. Chloride, the other chemical in table salt, aids in ...

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Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water


When eating out, I always ask my server for water with no ice and they often look at me like I am crazy. But I am not, and below I explain why. First, take a minute to close your eyes and imagine the following: It is spring and you are ...

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10 Things That Healthy People Make Before Bedtime


Proper sleep is the key to healthy life. Healthy people know that sleep is a vital part of their health and therefore they consider it as a priority in their lives. There are several tricks that you need to practice before bedtime of course, if you want to wake up ...

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Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar: The Result Will Delight You!


Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar: This method  provides an excellent quality of your hair, proper pH balance, stimulates hair growth and makes the scalp healthier. Here’s how and how often should you do it … Organic apple cider vinegar is great for your hair and scalp. It cleans ...

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